Beauty Glow Underarm Cream

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Beauty Glow Essentials: Intensive Underarm Whitening Cream with Mistletoe Extract.

C L A I M S:

This Underarm Cream is formulated with powerful whitening ingredients known to reduce the melanin and rapidly whiten dark areas of the UA. It effectively removes skin discoloration and chicken skin due to shaving and plucking. It also has a Mistletoe Extract that is known to slow down hair growth.


When I was on my pregnancy stage my Underarm get dark as usual and it was hard for me to bring back my old Underarm, I went over crazy trying different Products to my Underarm goal again.


I usually pluck my underarm hair when I have plenty of time to pluck it one by one but when I'm lazy I just shaved it off that's why there some part of my Underarm that has chicken skin and dark areas.


I'm thankful that this month of February changed my underarm since this BGE underarm cream came home and help me treat my not so perfect underarm. Since I am a lady it was a big help when a product brings back your confidence in wearing sleeveless even though I have big arms.


This Underarm Cream is a white marshmallow-y texture that dries off perfectly and I didn't experience having my Underarm sweat while this baby cream is on my armpit, Plus when I put it on there is light coverage No need to put deodorant. Swipe to see photos of my recent underarm and look at how it changed. 


The second photo is the day before I used the underarm cream, now I used this for 2 and half weeks now.

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