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                                                                  Beauty Glow Essentials


Taking care of our skin is more important than covering it up with make-up products that’s why I am so excited to share with you the skin care set that I am using a while now which is the “Beauty Glow Essentials”, and yes it’s my first time also.



This is how the products look like when I received it.



1. Rejuva Glow Toner


Cleanses deep seated dirt as it smoothens skin, prevents & treats pimple and lastly, it refines the pores, as well.



This toner stings a lot when applied especially on the sides of my nose that’s why I usually put one drop on my cotton pad to lessen the sting reaction and gently pat it on my face.



2. White Plus Soap


It enhance brightening efficiency with soothing effect on the skin.

If you’ll ask me what’s my favorite soap, then I’ll honestly answer you “Kojic soap’s my favorite” but when I finally had the chance to try this soap from Beauty Glow Essentials then it changed. This Rejuva soap is my current favorite now. The reasons are:


First, it’s not drying on the face unlike any other whitening product.


Second, it smells great unlike any other whitening soap that smells like chemical.


Third, it leaves my skin naturally glowy and even complexion.


Fourth, it is not drying.


Lastly, it’s mild but it works its magic, it really does brighten your face.



3. Sun Filter Cream & Creme de Rejuva

Sun Filter Cream – Protect skin both from harmful UVS and UVA rays.This product when applied, it feels dry and I hate that feeling. What I usually do is that before applying this sun filter cream, I spray some mist on my face.This product protects my face from the harmful UVA / UVB rays of the sun that’s why among the 4 products, this one’s my favorite.


Creme de Rejuva – It addresses overall skin appearance and facial discoloration.Thanks to these because my skin is glowy, healthier and pimple-free. These will surely be part of my daily skin care routine.I am using this every night and morning, and I can see the glow in my face making it look fresh and moisturized.


If you’re interested in this Rejuva set from Beauty Glow Essentials, then here are the links to their social media accounts, so you could check it out:

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