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Request and thou might receive — the ample 'buy or bye' requests via my Instagram and comments on this blog lead to yet again this series. Two months ago, Beauty Glow Essentials sent me their Acne Buster set — which comprises of a cleanser, toner, day and night cream — for me to try out. As the 'buy or bye' disclaimer: "What works for my skin, might not work for yours" — my skin type is a fusion of dry and oily.


From step by step use:


Acne Buster Cleanser

In a blossom scented fragrance, the acne buster cleanser, truly, lived up to its promise — it cleanses and get rids of excess dirt and oil of the face. Leaving the skin soft and clean that makes it less prone to acne. Definitely worth the buy.


Acne Buster Toner

Time and time again, I've tried and tested copious toners — most of which did not meet my caliber, excluding the Acne Buster Toner. Although it has a stinging feeling during application, its 8 natural ingredients help make my skin less prone to acne and removes acne scars — perfect after using the cleanser. A buy on my book.


Acne Buster Day Cream

Personally, I've tried ample day creams that are much more beneficial than Beauty Glow Essentials' Day Cream. It may be lightweight, fast-drying and has anti-pollution active ingredients; however, in the midst of the day my face feels oily when using the product. Definitely a buy, because there are a lot of 2-in-1 day cream plus suncscreens that work better for my skin.


Acne Buster Night Cream

Same same with the day cream, but different. Same scent and is fast-drying, yet a thicker formulation that leaves my skin soft and glowing perfect for a fresh #WokeUpLikeThis selfie. Frankly, this night cream made it to my personal skin care regime; thus, it is a must-buy — as it eliminates acne and acne-causing bacterias!



                                                                                                              1 week after use



                                                                                                               1 month after use

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